Constellation’s 43 Use Cases For The Social Enterprise / Social Business

Published on August 28, 2011 by R "Ray" Wang

  • clive – great points. we are now just adding social for many of these processes. The inevitability of hybrid deployments has come to a full force. what do others thinK? -Ray

  • Feels like we need a new business model, not advertising or software licensing, for the 43 Use Cases to built out and adopted at Big Data scale creating a boom in Enterprise Software. Why is thus so elusive?

    ERP arms race vendors attempted adding some of the 43 Use Cases onto transactional ERP, usually without much commercial success.

    Startups have focused building specifics from the 43 Use Cases, but generally as add-ons to transactional architecture, w/o success mostly limited to being acquired by the established vendors often PE backed.

    Yet over on Consumer Internet, huge user adoption, and 100x valuations are being created building Big Data systems on NoSQL technologies: Sharded MySQL, Hadoop, MapReduce, MongoDB, CouchDB, Riak, Neo4j, Cassandra.

    Nearly every CI system is paid for by going directly to consumer, and inserting advertising or commission at huge scale to fund and reward the product developer.

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