Vendor Event: Evolution vs. Revolution: Strategies to Build Stronger Collaborative/Social Organizations

Published on December 1, 2011 by R "Ray" Wang

Title: Evolution vs. Revolution: Strategies to Build Stronger Collaborative/Social Organizations

Start Date: 2011-12-14  11:00 am EST
End Date: 2011-12-14   12:00 pm #ST

Join R “Ray” Wang, CEO of Constellation Research, for insights from over 100 smart businesses putting the power of social business to work. Hear why many successful collaboration initiatives start by applying a user centric approach that takes advantage of existing work paradigms such as email and builds upon existing infrastructure such as Microsoft Sharepoint. co-founder and CEO Yaacov Cohen will discuss how hundreds of organizations like American Water, Amway, Continental Corporation, Swiss Air and BearingPoint, Inc. are using social email to successfully transform into social businesses. Social email employs a gradual, evolutionary approach that maximizes the investment in existing infrastructure while minimizing the changes to everyday work habits.

Join this exclusive webcast to:

  • Learn why people and culture are the main impediments to achieving a collaborative/social organization
  • See how to execute an evolutionary user-centric social business strategy that eases people into new technologies
  • Discover how organizations use social documents to bring ‘social’ to every business user

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Although we work closely with many mega software vendors, we want you to trust us. For the full disclosure policy, stay tuned for the full client list on the Constellation Research website.

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