Quips: Dachis Group Acquired by Sprinklr

Published on February 19, 2014 by R "Ray" Wang

Deal Is First Of Many As Digital Business Providers Consolidates

On February 19th, Sprinklr announced the acquisition of Dachis Group.  The acquisition will make Sprinklr the largest independent end-to-end Social Relationship platform in the market. While many will see this deal as a services play, the acquisition is significant in the for a few key reasons:

  • Dachis brings key product sets to the Sprinklr portfolio. While known for pioneering social business consulting, over the past 24 months, Dachis Group had built out a portfolio of products from brand analytics via the Social Business Index, Content Optimization (which supports the push to native advertising), and employee advocacy (which can be seen on the Sprinklr Content Creator).
  • Sprinklr augments its services capabilities. Partnerships with Accenture and Deloitte have given Sprinklr the range and reach to deliver on global deployments.  The services arm of Dachis will add to this capability and augment existing partnerships.  Customers should not expect Dachis Group service folks to compete with Accenture and Deloitte.

The Bottom Line: Spinklr and Dachis Group Customers Gain a Win Win

In this rapidly consolidating market, mergers and acquisitions provide the scale and critical mass to compete in the market. As the market shifts away from social business and more towards digital, expect new models to emerge among the social leaders who see the vision to move forward.  Services and software will be key to competing in a world of networks and mass personalization at scale.

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  • Thanks Ray. This is spot on. The complementary nature of the products was almost scary. I joked with the Sprinklr CEO last night that this was because we secretly had a login to his GitHub account for the last two years. 😉

    The services value is straightforward and you hit that correctly as well. Sprinklr is killing it in the large enterprise and the social business services team at DG was world class.

  • One of the more interesting deals so far this year! I think this is great for both groups … particularly around the in-house thought leadership and the benchmarking capabilities that Dachis brings to the table. It pulls the rug out from under those social business metrics like Klout etc and should make the monitoring and analytics players sit up and take note.

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