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Event Report: Microsoft Convergence 2014 Day 1 Demonstrates Solid Momentum and Mindshare ( #CONV14 )

Microsoft Convergence Kicks Off In Atlanta

The annual Microsoft Convergence customer event kicked off on March 4th, 2014.  Far from the days of the Stampede in Fargo, North Dakota, the event shows how far the Microsoft Dynamics customers, partners, and products have progressed.  Over 12,000 attendees including customers, partners, staff, and prospects gathered in Atlanta, GA for the largest Microsoft Enterprise Applications conference.  The sold out event featured a volunteer program on Day 0 and a good number of partner meetings the weekend before.  Analysis from four key announcements on Day 1 include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics gaining momentum on the large enterprise and divisions of large enterprises. Key customers presenting in the opening keynote include Chobani, City Harvest Inc, Delta Airlines, Lotus F1 Team, New Belgium Brewery, and Weight Watchers.  These presenting customers share a key theme of customer centricity and a Microsoft enterprise backbone.  Moreover, many showcase the devices and services theme set by former CEO Steve Ballmer.

    Point of View (POV):
    Constellation sees a growing trend where organizations and brands move to Dynamics for both CRM and ERP.  The ability to integrate back to other Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure Services provides both a pull and a push.  As organizations think about consolidating vendors and moving to the cloud, the Microsoft Dynamics team provides some compelling options in manufacturing, retail, distribution, public sector, professional services, and travel and entertainment.  The launch of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise License at $200 per user per month show cases the move upmarket.
  • Dynamics CRM users gain key marketing and social capabilities. Microsoft announces the next release of Dynamics CRM in Q2 of 2014.  Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, which was formed from the Marketing Pilot acquisition , debuts to assist with campaign management.  The service and support offering gains new features such as Unified Service Desk along with closer integration to recently acquired Parature.  Newly launched Microsoft Social Listening launches at no additional charge for Dynamics CRM Online professional license holders.

    The rewrite of acquired entity Marketing Pilot provides some improvement to the original product.  Parity at the Exact Target and Hubspot level will take at least two to three more releases.  Release of unified service desk paired with Parature, provides a powerful combination in customer service and support.  Microsoft Social Listening finally provides customers with a social tool that has been sorely missing in the line up.  More importantly, in CRM and customer experience, the mobile access options have not forced customers onto Windows Phone and instead have provided native support of iOS and Android..
  • Dynamics ERP users prepare for new releases. Dynamics GP gets a release for Q1 2014 that includes identity management, workflow, and self service companion apps.  Dynamics NAV shoudl receive an update in Q4 2014.  More importantly, the team announced the availability of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 for May 1st 2014.  Key themes include mobile enablement, support for deployment on Windows Azure in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) layer, and an end to end apps and services framework.  .  The cross offering with the Windows Azure team is the Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services which improve implementation times and enable agile updates.


Event Report: 2013 Capgemini India Analyst & Advisor Day #CGAR2013

Capgemini India Plays A Key Role In The Global Delivery Model

Analyst and advisors gathered on February 12th, 2013 at Capgemini’s India headquarters located near the trendy and upmarket Powai suburbs of Mumbai.  Capgemini India’s CEO, Aruna Jayanthi welcomed guests with a perspective on Capgemini India’s progress.  With more than 40,000 people, the team plans to grow to 70,000 people in 3 years at almost a 20% CAGR year-over-year. Aruna sees the potential for up to 70% of Capgemini’s infrastructure services delivery to come from India.

As part of the non-linear growth plan, Capgemini intends to rely on a shared services model and platform between multiple delivery centres critical for scale and growth.  The good news – Capgemini India expects a reduction in the double digit wage inflation of the past 24 months.  Forecasts call for 5 to 9% for 2013.  Her three focus areas include growth, continued investments, and building end-to-end capability in India.

The analyst and advisor day was hosted in Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE).  The ASE combines a patented methodology with a unique, open work environment to deliver large scale facilitated sessions geared at accelerating timelines, gaining alignment and mitigating risks.  ASE’s provide a safe and effective place for collaboration and innovation.

Under this year’s theme of transforming customer experience, sessions touched on nine key areas:

  1. Portfolio transformation. Capgemini India is playing a key role in aligning with the consulting team’s digital transformation efforts.  If successful, the team will gain synergies across consulting, infrastructure, and bpo as part of a broader portfolio transformation.  One example of a focus on IP creation and innovation is Sogetti’s product engineering capabilities delivered in Capgemini India for aerospace and defense. Product Engineering is a priority for Capgemini in 2013.  European service providers Altran, Alten, Safran will have some competition from Capgemini going forward.
  2. Digital utility transformation. With 80% of meters in EU to be converted to smart meters by 2020, Capgemini sees a role in guiding this shift from analog to digital for utilities.  The utilities segment is expected to grow 4% & related software services are expected to grow about 7-8%.  Despite a perceived slow growth in utilities, smart metering is the base for transformation.  Early investment by Capgemini will play a key role in growing out this industry as a shortage of energy production and an upgrade of legacy transmission and energy production technology drive future growth.
  3. All channel experience. Customer centricity is changing as businesses focus on an “All Channel” and “Affordable” value proposition.  The firm focuses in on digerati as a key target for digital transformation. Why? Digerati are 26% more profitable than their peers.  The shift to all channel is a key part of the move to digital transformation and customer experience strategy for clients.
  4. Demand driven supply chain. Demand driven concepts are not new, however, customers seek to improve their ability to deliver on perfect orders.  Organizations also seek to get as close to the consumer as possible.  Capgemini’s work at one client helped a stagnant retail gain achieve 23% increase in customer satisfaction and gain 96 basis points of margin.  Constellation sees this buyer centric shift to matrix commerce as a key trend for 2013.
  5. Tax and welfare. Global governments face a $2.4 trillion USD tax revenue every year.  Consequently, Capgemini’s efforts in tax and welfare focus on the fraud and compliance equation.  The Capgemini’s India team has over 400 employees in their center of excellence complementing 8,000 onsite personnel at clients.  The mission is to improve revenue and increase compliance.  Constellation expects this market to grow as big data technologies improve the ability to manage both structured and unstructured data sources.
  6. Global in house centers. The team shared a success story on the factory franchise approach for testing services at ANZ bank.  The global in house center provided a strong alternative to BOT or captive acquisition.  Capgemini intends to selectively grow this model over the next few years.  Constellation believes this approach is smart but will deliver low volume.
  7. Service integration. Opportunities exist to move operational responsibility for IT provisioning to Capgemini to drive cost savings.  The goal – manage sophisticated IT supplier frameworks.  If successful, service integration will prove to be the PMO account control model of the 2010′s.
  8. Mobile testing. Most organizations face a need for a comprehensive mobile QA strategy.  Building upon Neoload’s Neotys solution offering, Capgemini India opened a mobile testing CoE in Mumbai in December 2012.  The range of mobile testing opportunities has grown as the group seeks to expand from 250 to 1000 FTEs globally.  Constellation sees this as a bold move to jump into an emerging and growing market.
  9. Big data and analytics. As one of the earlier CoE’s, business information management (BIM) was launched in September 2010 as Customer BIM Experience showcase or (CUBE).  With the advent and hype of big data, the BIM team is now playing a key role in using BIM to improve customer experience.  Constellation sees the future with BIM and the support of big data business models.

Figure 1. Cap Gemini’s ASE Uniquely Creates Visual Story Telling Via Graphic Recorders

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The Bottom Line: Capgemini India Taking Key Steps To Support Nonlinear Growth Opportunities


Monday’s Musings: Q1 2011 State of Social CRM and CRM From An EMEA Point Of View

Greeting from London!  It’s been a great surprise to enjoy the sunny and warm weather (by UK standards) as I readjust my body clock.  Thankfully, I’ve had a chance to catch up with a few new and old clients, several analysts, media moguls, and in real life meetups w/ close relationships (i.e. @grahamhill and @buchanla) built over Twitter.  Nothing beats in-person conversations and I’m thankful we could connect on the state of disruptive technologies such as Social CRM, CRM, Cloud optimization, gamification, and mobile enterprise.  A few trends from some great discussions and debates:

  • Social CRM (SCRM) adoption picking up in the UK for marketing and support/service. Conversations with Laurence Buchanan, CapGemini’s chief dude on CRM and Social CRM, indicated that clients are interested in SCRM for both an offensive and defensive strategy.  Offensive strategies focus on social media monitoring and marketing.  Defensive strategies mitigate risk in public relations disasters from support and service incidents.  Talking to a few utility and public sector prospects and clients, it became quite apparent that Laurence’s experiences proved out true.  A regulated industries CIO confided in me and said, “We’re doing this b/c we don’t want to end up as the top BBC story.”  Talks with a retail prospect focused on shifting marketing budgets to digital marketing.
  • Design thinking a key differentiator in successful SCRM adoption. Over some great Earl Grey and Matcha GreenTea latte’s, rockstar strategist and CRM guru, Graham Hill, discussed some of the key elements of successful implementations.  The introduction of services design thinking presents a key factor in success.  Success requires balancing the left brain and right brain points of view.  Moreover, his experiences from working at Toyota and other quality focused enterprises prove out why it’s better to get the design right the first time.  Good design embodies input in organizational culture, business processes, and of course technology.  One of the memorable quotes from the day stuck with me – “Consume as little technology as you need”.
  • The cloud will play a key role in social media monitoring. As media monitoring evolves from a highly paid, skilled craft to a high volume mathematical data crunching exercise, BPO offerings will emerge to address big data crunching.  Companies such as Wipro and Capgemini are already building such service lines.  Also, these Cloud BPO services such as CapGemini’s Immediate gain traction with clients who want a set of unified CRM and Social CRM services delivered in the cloud.  It’s also healthy to note that the EMEA clients have gained confidence in privacy controls and cloud security provisions by EMEA providers.
  • and Microsoft Dynamics CRM gaining traction in UK. In 29 conversations over the past 2 quarters, CRM discussions lead with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. dominates the CRM replacement buy-side decisions among large enterprise CIO’s.  Meanwhile Microsoft Dynamics CRM leads discussions among net new buyers in small and medium sized businesses, public sector, and divisions of large enterprises with Microsoft centric IT shops.

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News Analysis: Capgemini Immediate Delivers Cloud Services To Royal Mail Group

Capgemini Changes The Rules Of The Cloud Game

On July 27, 2010, Capgemini announced a six-year cloud computing deal with Royal Mail Group (RMG).  The partnership brings the capabilities of Capgemini’s Infostructure Transformation Services (ITS) and Capgemini Immediate to RMG.  As the UK’s second largest employer, RMG employs 188,000 people, handles over 80 million items per day, and delivers over 150,000 parcels per day via ParcelForce, its worldwide express parcel business.  Analysis of the deal reveals two key points:

  • Royal Mail Group chooses cloud computing for concrete business value. RMG sought a new eBusiness platform.  Through the RFP process, RMG determined that traditional on-premise software and hardware solutions on single stack technologies (e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM) did not meet current and future business requirements.  Requirements included decreasing the time to market to deliver new solution offerings, delivering pay-as-you-go services to meet the needs of the organization’s personal and small or medium business customers, and supporting RMG’s innovative parcel delivery services to keep up with the UK’s online shopping boom.  After careful analysis, RMG realized they would have to go best of breed.

    Point of View (POV):
    With over 3000 web pages and 100 applications, RMG felt the dual weight of transforming legacy applications and the need to free up resources for innovation.  As with many legacy systems, changes to their current eBusiness platform most likely took too long to implement and the integration challenges of managing a specialized and aging e-business environment became too cumbersome to manage.  RMG chose Capgemini Immediate because the solution delivered an ecosystem of solutions as one offering with Capgemini acting as both the services integrator and prime contractor.  RMG gained both the business value in best of breed solutions and the flexibility of the cloud computing model.
  • Capgemini Immediate mitigates the challenges of managing SaaS best of breed “hell”. Capgemini’s integrated best of breed cloud offering includes 18 initial SaaS and open source suppliers across the software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) layers of cloud computing.  Key examples of core PaaS components delivered immediately to the customer include Drupal (Content Management), Apache Software Foundation (Common UI service), IBM Infosphere Datastage (ETL), Cordys (Business process orchestration), Attenda (Business activity management), and Talis (Semantic data management).  For example, the marketing and eBusiness SaaS offering includes (Customer transactions), Demandware (eCommerce), Kognitio (Data Warehousing-as-a-Service), Ominiture (Web analytics), Eloqua (Online marketing) and Google (Search) see (Figure 1).

    Leading companies who seek best of breed approaches often face challenges in integration and managing multiple vendor contracts.  The Capgemini Immediate offering reduces the risk of best of breed because clients sign one contract and Capgemini manages the delivery risk, SaaS and hybrid integration, and the management of partners.  In addition, the on-demand pricing and delivery model enables organizations to manage seasonal peaks such as holidays that may require excess capacity.  Best of breed solutions can link back to the RMG ecosystem with ease allowing for more choices among application solutions.

Figure 1. Capgemini Immediate Provides A Best Of Breed E-Business Platform In The Cloud

Source: Capgemini


Research Report: Microsoft Partners – Before Adopting Azure, Understand the 12 Benefits And Risks

It’s All About The Cloud At WPC10

Attendees at this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2010 in Washington, D.C. already expect Windows Azure development to be a key theme throughout this annual pilgrimage.  Microsoft has made significant investments into the cloud.   Many executives from the Redmond, WA, software giant have publicly stated that 90% of its development will be focused on the Cloud by 2012.  Delivery of the Cloud begins with the Azure platform which includes three main offerings:

  1. Microsoft Windows Azure
  2. Microsoft SQL Azure (formerly SQL Services)
  3. Microsoft Windows Azure Platform: AppFabric (formerly .NET Services).

Therefore, Microsoft partners must determine their strategy based on what part of the cloud they plan to compete in and which Azure services to leverage.  As with any cloud platform, the four layers include infrastructure, orchestration, creation, and consumption (see Figure 1):

  • Infrastructure. At a minimum, Windows Azure provides the infrastructure as a service.  Data center investments and the related capital expense (capex) is replace with oeprational expenses (opex).  Most partners will take advantage of Azure at the infrastructure level or consider alternatives such as Amazon EC2 or even self provision hosting on partner servers and hardware.
  • Orchestration. Microsoft Windows Azure Platform: AppFabric delivers the key “middleware” layers.  AppFabric includes an enterprise service bus to connect across network and organizational boundaries.  AppFabric also delivers access control security for federated authorization.  Most partners will leverage these PaaS tools.  However, non-Microsoft tools could include advanced SaaS integration, complex event processing, business process management, and richer BI tools.  The Windows AppFabric July release now supports Adobe Flash and Microsoft SilverLight.
  • Creation. Most partners will build solutions via VisualStudio and Microsoft SQL Azure (formerly SQL Services).  Other creation tools could include Windows Phone7 and even Java.  Most partners expect to use the majority of tools from Microsoft and augment with third party solutions as needed.
  • Consumption. Here’s where partners will create value added solutions for sale to customers.  Partners must build applications that create market driven differentiators.  For most partners, the value added solutions in the consumption layer will provide the highest margin and return on investment (ROI).

.NET:.NET (tongue and cheek here) – Microsoft partners and developers can transfer existing skill sets and move to the cloud with ease, once Microsoft irons out the business model for partners on Azure.

Figure 1. Partners Must Determine Which Layer To Place Strategic Bets



Wednesday’s Whispers: People Whispers October 2009


Congratulations to all!  Good to see that the job scenarios continue to improve in software/tech as a number of individuals made organizational changes and promotions.  As always, thanks for your emails and alerts. If you’ve got a change or know of a promotion, keep dropping me a line! If you need a referral, and we’ve worked together in the past, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Linked In.

Steve Apfelberg is now Vice President of Marketing at Yammer, Inc. Steve brings a wealth of marketing experiences from serving last as Chief Marketing Officer, SVP of Business Development at Callidus Software Other software experiences include time with Siebel, Remedy, and Oracle.

Rose Aulik was recently promoted from strategic business development manager to Outsourcing Business Solutions Manager for Epicor.

Sachin Bery is now Principal Consultant at Infosys Technologies Ltd. Sachin has built an 8-year career at Infosys serving as a consultant.

Jim Bozzini has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Operations and Services for Workday.

Jim Dellamore joins Deltek as Executive Vice President for Global Services from GXS where he served as a Senior Vice President of Global Solutions Delivery.  Prior to working at GXS, Mr. Dellamore was Group Vice President, Consulting, at Oracle Corporation, where he managed the $450 million PeopleSoft consulting business.

Ned Desmond became Advisor at Silent Cal Productions in July 2009.  Former roles include serving as President at Time Inc. Interactive, President and Editor at Business 2.0, and a Vice president at

Phil Fehrst left AMR Research to become an AVP for strategy with Cognizant Technologies. The former star analyst brings significant experience in the IT BPO and outsourcing contract space and will be reporting directly to the CEO.

Tim Fortier named IFS North America Vice President of Sales.  Fortier brings 20 years of sales management experience from J.D. Edwards, PeopleSoft, AFS Technologies and most recently Borland Software.

Chuck Gillespie is now Adjunct Professor at IUPUI.  Chuck was responsible for HR technology at Peoplebase and served as President of Vigor.

Simon Griffiths joined SYSPRO as a Product and Industry Marketing Consultant.  Griffiths previously served as a SYSPRO reseller in South Africa.  Other roles include stints at JD Edwards and a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner.

Ray Grigsby joins Rimini Street as Vice President of Global Support Services Delivery for JD Edwards Software Products.  Grigsby’s served previous roles as a Vice President for JD Edwards Support services.  Grigsby was the executive overseeing the implementation, upgrade, and support of a full range of World and OneWorld (EnterpriseOne) releases for the largest and most complex domestic and global implementations.

Brian Haven became Vice President, Strategy at iCrossing in July 2009.  Brian brings social computing and customer engagement experiences from Forrester, Catapult Thinking, and InnoVentry.

Tony Kender rejoins SAP as a National VP Sales at SAP America.  Tony served roles as a Senior VP at Oracle, Director at SAP, and Senior Director at ADP.

Alex Koshy is now Business Development Executive at Synaptris.  Koshi served previous roles as a Pre-Sales Consultant for MS Dynamics ERP and Resource Lead for Microsoft Dynamics Competancy at Mahindra Satyam.

Kirk Laughlin became Founder/ Editorial Director at Nearshore Americas in June 2009.  Kirk’s served senior roles as Managing Director/ VP of Live Events, Senior Editorial Director, Custom Media at Ziff Davis Enterprise, Editor in Chief at America’s Network Magazine, and Editor-in-Chief at Cygnus Business Media

Leighanne Levensaler joins Workday as Vice President, HCM Strategy.  She formerly served as a principal analyst covering Talent Management for Bersin & Associates.  Prior to joining Bersin & Associates, she led the Learning Consulting Practice at SystemLink Enterprise Solutions. Leighanne has also held positions at SmartForce, Edutrek International/AUI and Deloitte Consulting.

Emily Marchant is now Cofounder | Investor Relationship Manager at the FundingPartnership.  Previous roles include a stint as Global Business Development Manager FLB at Forrester Research, Business Development Manager at Dianomi, Sales Manager at Emedia, and various roles at Informa Telecoms and Media.

Jeff Onesto is now Director of Product Marketing at OptionEase. Jeff’s brings industry experiences from his various positions as Director of Sales & Marketing at Advanced Systems Integration, Business Development Executive at Collins Computing, and Business Development Manager at Jefferson Wells International

Milind Padalkar has updated their current title to Global Practice Head – Oracle at HCL America.  Padalkar previously served as the Senior Vice President & Head of Enterprise Applications at Patni Computer Systems.

Mahesh Rajasekharan is now Chief Operating Officer at SumTotal Systems.  He served 12 years at i2 with roles ranging from Vice President of High Tech Industry Group, Senior Director Operations and Solution Sales, and Senior Director for High Tech Industry Marketing.

Norman Scobie is now SAP Project/Integration Manager at HP Enterprise Services. Previous work includes Aerospace & Defense Industry Solution Expert at SAP, Program Manager at Eurofighter, and Software Manager at BAE Systems

Mike Stankey joins Workday as president and COO from Greylock Partners.  Mike spent five years as chairman and CEO of PolyServe, a storage virtualization software company. Prior to PolyServe, Mike was senior vice president of North American sales for PeopleSoft, driving more than $1 billion in sales and services revenues.

Laurene Stevens became Product Strategy Analyst at Ultimate Software in May 2009.  Laurene’s served as a senior applications consultant for Sage Software.

Jason Zintak became the Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing at JDA Software on August 18th, 2009. Zintak most recently served as the executive vice president of sales at HCL Axon.  Other senior-level software sales executive and management includde roles at Capgemini, SAP and Blue Martini Software.

Your POV

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Wednesday’s Whispers: People Whispers – August/September 2009


Congratulations to all!  Good to see that the job scenarios have improved as a number of individuals made organizational changes and promotions.  As always, thanks for your emails and alerts. If you’ve got a change or know of a promotion, keep dropping me a line! If you need a referral, and we’ve worked together in the past, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Linked In.

Jim Anderson is now Sr VP Client Services Operations at Analysts International.  Recent executive roles include serving as a Partner at Element Consulting Group, EVP at Lawson Software, Group VP – Services at PeopleSoft, and Group VP at J.D. Edwards

Kamal Ajitsaria is now Chief Consultant – Manufacturing Solutions at Cognizant Technology Solutions.  Other professional service roles include business head – manufacturing solutions at Geometric Ltd., Head of SAP Adaptive Manufacturing Practice at TCS.

Martha Bennett became Business Development Director at eBenchmarkers in May 2009.  Martha’s a Star Analyst in the financial services industry with roles including FS Research Director at Datamonitor, VP, Research Director at Forrester, VP at Giga Information Group, and Head of Advanced Technology at Prudential.

René Bonvanie is now Vice-President of Worldwide Marketing at Palo Alto Networks.  Renee has served various senior marketing roles at Serena Software, Inc.,, SAP, Business Objects, Veritas Software, Oracle, Ingres Corporation, and Relational Technology

Shankar Borkar became Head – IT Management Consulting at L&T Infotech in July 2009.  Previous roles over the past 5 years include other senior management positions as the GM and Center Head for the Manufacturing business unit and JGM.

Samuel Bright is now Associate – Tech M&A at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  Sam served as a research analyst at Forrester prior to graduating at Harvard Business School.

Paul Ellis became Director, Marketing at CA in June 2009.  Paul’s served various roles at CA.  Other industry positions include senior marketing manager at Selectica and Director of Marketing at IBM.

Lindsay Euller is now Manager, Product Strategy at Ultimate Software.  Prior roles include Sr. Account Manager and Team Leader at Forrester Research and Account Manager at WGBH.

Killian Evers became Principal User Experience Architect at PayPal in April 2009.  Other roles include senior manager at eBay/Paypal, Director of Program Management and Group Manager of Program Management at Oracle.

John Ferguson became Operations Director at SynCom Electronics in June 2009.  John previously served as the CIO at Optical Cable Corporation, President and Foudner of IntegriSoft LLC, and Director of Channel Systems and Strategy and Microsoft Business Solutions – Great Plains.

Mette Søs Gottlieb is now Partner at Herman & Company. Sos has served as Nordic Director at Forrester Research, Senior Consultant at Telenor, Client Sales Executive at EDS, Customer Account Manager at Baan Company. and Senior Consultant at Maconomy.

Lenley Hensarling is now Vice President for Business Development at stealthy startup C3.  Lenley brings deep technology experiences with roles such as Group Vice President at Oracle, VP of Product Strategy at JD Edwards/PeopleSoft, Senior Vice President at Enterworks, and Vice President of Engineering at Novell.

Kip Heuertz became Principal Consultant at Market Progress International in July 2009.

Tuyen Ho became VP Sales & Marketing at Sakhr Software in June 2009.  She served as the Vice-President for Dial Directions for the past 2 years prior to the acquisition by Sakhr Software.  Other senior positions include VP of channel sales at Voxify and VP for client services at Personify.

Chi Hoang is now Data Architect at Cisco. Chi’s a software development pro with experience at Netflix as the Business Intelligence Lead at Netflix, Senior Principal Consultant at Oracle, and Software Development Manager at Oracle.

Daniel Hong is now Lead Analyst at Ovum.  Daniel now heads up Ovum’s Customer Interaction (CI) practice. Prior to the acquisition by Ovum, he served as a lead analyst at Datamoniotor and prior to that he served as a Research Associate at Columbia Institute for Tele-Information.

Kunal Kant became Consultant at Capgemini in June 2009.  Kunal served Business Development APJ and Project Manager roles with Wipro Technologies.

Marshall Lager became Managing Principal at Third Idea Consulting LLC in June 2009.  Marshall’s been an active voice and thought leader in the CRM and press community with roles including a 4 year run as a Senior Editor at CRM Magazine and contributing editor at

Anne Lapointe became Media Consultant at Yellow Pages Group in April 2009.  Ms Lapointe’s served many roles including Director of Industry Analyst Relations at Bell Canada, Director of Industry Analyst Relations at Equant, Director of Marketing Communications at Global One, and Director of Marketing Communications at France Telecom North America.

David Levine became General Counsel at Japan America Society of Washington, DC in June 2009.  Mr. Levine currently is a Principal at Groom Law Group and the Director at DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative.

Warren Lewis is now Legislative Director for for NJ Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo. Previous influencer relations roles include associate director at Capgemini and account executive at Mindstorm Communications.

Sean Loiselle is now Sales Executive at  Previously, he served as the General Manager for Oracle‘s Financial Services Industry business unit.  Other roles include Senior Director, Human Capital Management Solutions at Oracle.

Pete Marston is now Web Strategy Consultant at Verndale.  Prior to Verndale, Pete served as senior analyst covering CRM at Forrester Research.  Other roles include Partner at Horstman Builders, Program Manager at Molecular, and Senior Consultant at KPMG Consulting / Peat Marwick.

Phil Morris is now Business Technical Analyst, Web Portal Team at McDonald’s. Phil’s served other roles in IT at McDonald’s including Business Technical Analyst — Enterprise Architecture and IT Research Analyst — Global IT Strategy over the past decade.

Nancie Norman is now Client Development Director at AnswerLab.  Nancie’s served senior sales roles as an Account Manager at Forrester Research, Account Executive at OneSource Information Services , and Account Executive at Giga Information Group

Michael O’Kelly is now Owner at SysTechPlus.  Prior to starting out his own consulting, Michael spent almost 11 years with International Aid as their IT director.  In July 1, 2009, the non-profit ceased operations.

Dominic Pannell is now an independent Consultant.  Former roles include heading up UK Analyst Relations at Hill and Knowlton, serving as a Principal Consultant at Serendipp Ltd, and consulting for Sunesis Analyst Relations.

Jyoti Kharb Phogat became ES – Sales Effectiveness Manager at Infosys in May 2009.  Prior roles include AM- Marketing at Infosys, marketing manager at Pronto Networks, and marketing at Indscape Softech Pvt Ltd.

Udayraj Prabhu became Head of Supply Chain Development & CNO Planning at Marico in June 2009.  Mr Prabhu has built a 9 year career at Marico with roles as Head of Business Applications, Head of Buying (Edible Oils), Manager of ERP, and Manager of buying

Sarah Reed joined BMC Software as the Lead Analyst Relations Manager in August 2009.  She most recently served at Eloqua as the Director of Corporate Communications.  She brings a wealth of experience from similar roles at Vignette and IONA Technologies.

Jaci Robbins is now PR/AR/Marketing consultant at JR Communications.  Previous marketing roles include work with companies such as UST Global, Entropia, and Telogic.

J Rollins became Vice President, Retail Sales at RedPrairie in July 2009. J’s 25 year tech company management experiences include tours of duty as the CEO at Ascend Software Inc, VP of netASPx Inc, and President and CEO at SalesTactics, Inc.

Subhojit Roye is now North America – Alliances Management at Infosys BPO.  Mr. Roye brings significant professional services expertise with roles as a Director at Trianz, Practice Manager – North American Enterprise Apps at Wipro Technologies, Director at iGATE Global Solutions, Director of Oracle Business at Solix Systems, Inc. and Business Manager at Oracle Corporation.

Jeremy Suratt is now Product Design Manager at Aspen Technology. Jeremy brings a wealth of tech marketing experience serving as a Director for Technology Marketing at Infor, Solution Marketing Manager of Technology at SSA Global, Software Engineer at Marcam, and Technical Presales Consultant at Wonderware Solutions.

Katherine Teitler is now VP of Strategic Accounts at IANS. Ms. Teitler has served senior sales role including Senior Account Executive at izmocars, Forrester,, and The Employment Guide.

David Anthony Wilkins is now a Managing Director at ICI in Dubai, UAE.  Previously roles include Senior Consultant at indigo – pure ICT recruitment solutions and Senior Contract Recruiter at Computer People

Lisa Whelan is now Business Development Consultant at Offbeat Guides.  Lisa provides business development, strategy, and marketing services in technology and consumer products with a focus on mobile and Social Media.

Alex Wong is now CIO at Endeca Technologies, Inc.. Previously, he served as the Vice President, Project Management Group, Information Technology at Eaton Vance

G. Oliver Young is now Senior Product Manager at Jive Software. Oliver served various research roles at Forrester looking at the technology industry including Web 2.0 and tech industry economics.

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