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Personal Log: Altimeter Group’s One Year Anniversary – Thank You!

Thank You To Our Clients, Peers, Alliance Partners, Readers, Friends, And Followers

One year ago today, Charlene, Deb, Jeremiah, and I announced the transformation of Altimeter Group from a single analyst firm to a partner model.  As the founding partners, we set course on four areas of focus: Innovation, Customer, Leadership, and Enterprise.  Our goal — advise our clients on how to adopt and navigate the chaotic world of emerging and disruptive technologies.

Despite starting in the midst of an epic recession, we each brought with us a precious handful of clients who believed in us, our work, and our ability to advise them.  Our VP of Business Development and Sales, David Stanley, took a chance on us without a salary.  Our friends at V3, helped us navigate the crazy world of PO’s and procurement organizations. Over the first 3 months, we built our firm one client at a time.  With continual trust and encouragement, our clients drove our growth in 2009.

Based on our original strategy and strong input from our clients, we added Alan Webber, Lora Cecere, Michael Gartenberg, and Marcia Conner to our founding year partner roster.  They expanded our coverage to include public sector, supply chain strategies, mobile and personal technologies, and enterprise 2.0 collaboration.  Along the way, we added nine extraordinary founding year staff members in sales, research, consulting, and in our back office.  We moved from the original Hangar to the current Hangar 2.0 to account for the growth.

It’s been quite a ride in a year and I can not say this enough, “Thank you to our 100+ clients!  Thank you to our peers, alliance partners, readers, friends and followers!  Without you, we wouldn’t be here today!”


Trends: What Are The Emerging Technologies And The Future Of Business?

Thanks to the 799 registrants and 458 attendees who participated in today’s webinar on The Future of Business.  There’s so much to cover across leadership, innovation, customer, and enterprise as we enter a more social, connected business world.   The key thing we learned today was just how interested everyone is about these converging trends that shape the future of business.  To succeed, we’ll have to move beyond interest and towards action.  For those who missed out, here are today’s slides:

The Future Of Business by Altimeter Group

View more presentations from Charlene Li.

Your POV

Keep the dialogue going.  Check out the #futurebiz tweets.  What do you see are the key trends?   When do you think we’ll get there? Post your comment here or reach me direct at r at altimetergroup dot com or r at softwareinsider dot org.

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Personal Log: Altimeter Group – Helping Organizations Bridge The Technology Obsolescence Gap

Altimeter Group Logo

Emerging Technologies Alter The Approach To Enterprise Strategies
The proliferation of and access to emerging technologies by the business user challenges organizations to rethink their enterprise technology strategy.  Consumer technologies have proven to be not only more innovative and collaborative, but also quite accessible and equally reliable when compared to existing enterprise tools.  The result – IT departments no longer reign supreme in determining technology strategy and adoption.  In fact, business leaders and individuals increasingly play a greater, if not decisive, role in driving the selection and cultural adoption of technology.  Consequently, enterprise strategies must be crafted to manage disparate systems, technologies, and deployment options across the organization.

… But The Rate of Technology Obsolescence Outpaces The Pace Of Technology Adoption

Organizations face massive levels of change across challenging macro-economic conditions, emerging workplace dynamics, new business models, and slow pace of technology adoption.  Unfortunately, they must respond to these changes while being saddled with the burdens of last century’s technology.  Without actionable application strategies in the transition to social enterprise apps, many organizations face obsolescence.  How do we get from where we are today to where we want to be?

Enterprise Strategies Must Begin With The End In Mind
To take a Coveyism, its important to define the objectives before you begin.  As the enterprise strategist at Altimeter I’ll be assisting our clients with:

  • Adopting technology strategies driven by business need;
  • Building dynamic user experiences;
  • Crafting strategies to transform business processes;
  • Delivering a connected community; and
  • Eliminating burdensome cost structures to fund innovation

These advisory projects will include but not be limited to:

  • Technology strategy reviews
  • Vendor selection
  • Independent verification and validation (IV&V)
  • Vendor management strategies

Succeed With A Holistic Approach Beyond Just Enterprise Strategy

As I assist our clients with these enterprise strategies, its important to think of these in the context of a holistic approach (see Figure 1).  Your organization’s overall strategy should also address the challenges and success strategies in leadership, customer, and innovation required for success.  I’ll be joined by 3 other partners including our founding partner, Charlene Li, who will focus on the culture and structures required to guide these emerging technologies in the organization.  Deb Schultz, a pioneer in bringing innovation concepts to life, will be leading our labs program at “The Hangar”. Meanwhile, my former Forrester colleague, Jeremiah Owyang will be focusing on customer strategy of emerging technologies.

Figure 1. Altimeter Group’s Four Practice Areas

Join The Altimeter Open House Webinar On The Future of Business
Find out more about how the Altimeter Group can serve as your resource at our upcoming Open House Webinar.  Details below:

Date:                           Thursday, September 10th, 2009
Time:                          10 am Pacific Time (GMT – 8:00)
Registration link:

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Your POV

What are your top concerns about your enterprise strategy?  Will you have the tools to get from today’s enterprise technologies to an emerging world of Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 business solutions.  Let us know what you think.  Post your comment here or reach me direct at r at altimetergroup dot com or r at softwareinsider dot org.

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