Monday’s Musings: It’s The Relationship, Stupid! (Part1) – Stop Commoditizing The Client Facing Workforce

Economic Downturn Challenges Enterprise Software Executives To Uphold The Sanctity Of The Vendor – Stakeholder Relationship Conventional wisdom would assume that in a challenging economy, strong relationships would be a key success factor to retaining business and mitigating loss of revenue.  Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case for many companies, including vendors […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on March 16, 2009


Monday’s Musings: 5 Steps to Restoring Trust in the Vendor – Customer Relationship

Software vendors face significant decisions in the next 6 to 12 months on how to respond to the economic downturn.  Anxious shareholders and slipping quarterly forecasts may lead vendors to ignore their implied vendor customer contracts.  This “implied contract” is the inherent trust a customer has with their vendor to do the right thing.  It’s […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on October 12, 2008