Research Summary: Five Steps To Building A Recession Proof Packaged Apps Strategy

FORWARD AND COMMENTARY The five steps to building a recession proof packaged apps strategy represent the sixth report in an on-going series to provide clients with insight on how to better align their packaged apps strategies.  Aligned with operational efficiency and regulatory compliance business drivers, these best practices provide a road map for more efficient […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on January 19, 2009


Research Summary: Which Has The Better Apps Strategy: Oracle Or SAP? Oracle’s Bold Next-Generation Play Versus SAP’s Less Disruptive Path

Forward and Commentary With my esteemed colleagues John R. Rymer and Paul D. Hamerman, we recently updated our Oracle Versus SAP In Enterprise Applications: Let The Battle Of Architectures Begin! report published in May 31st, 2006.  This new update was released October 31, 2008 and highlights a shift in direction and vendor vision for both […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on November 22, 2008


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