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News Analysis: Vertical Solutions Extends Customer Experience And Field Service Footprint With Three Partnerships

Vertical Solutions Partnerships Showcase Why Complex Field Service Is A Critical Glue Between ERP and CRM In Improving Customer Experience

Announced March 4th, 2014 at the Microsoft Convergence event, Vertical Solutions, made three significant partnerships with Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Cincom, and Vidcie.  The Cincinnati, Ohio based customer experience software vendor provides cloud contact center and service management solutions that bridge the worlds of physical goods with customer experience.  The analysis of the three announcements show:

  • Where after market sales and service creates a strategic differentiator for Cincom. Cincom signed a reseller partnership with Vertical Solutions for integrated Field Service Management and Maintenance Repair Operations.  Cincom is a global Microsoft ISV for manufacturing. The partnership allows Cincom to resell VSI’s Service Lifecycle Management Solution with Cincom’s Business Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    Point of View (POV):
    In the current digital business transformation, manufacturers realize that product margins can no longer sustain growth.  While service revenues, warranty management, and installation can provide additional revenues, organizations must move from selling products to keeping brand promises.  Post sales service is a key component to ensuring that the brand promise is kept for manufacturers.
  • Why supply chain and post sales service should team up to improve customer experience in the Blue Horseshoe partnership. Blue Horseshoe provides a Supply Chain Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX.  The partnership ties customer support, field service and mobile environments with logistics, supply chain, transportation management, advanced warehousing, and order completion.

    While the Blue Horseshoe solution provides a robust capability in supply chain, Vertical Solutions provides post sales and complex field service requirements.  These requirements enable customers to deliver on the complete order management cycle.  In speaking with several Blue Horseshoe and Microsoft Dynamics AX customers, they have a need to reduce warranty costs and improve customer satisfaction through improved first visit resolution programs.  Constellation believes that customers do not care what department resolves the issue, just that the issue is resolved across the continuum of customer engagement.
  • How video streaming can provide real-time access to experts through the Vidcie partnership. The partnership with Vidcie allows customers to integrate video streaming technology into the VSI enterprise Service Lifecycle Management solution VServiceManagement.  Vidcie is a Silicon Valley based hands free live streaming, mobile, and wearable technology provider.  Vidcie is More…

News Analysis: Infor Launches New Era With Infor 10

After 11 months of behind the scenes work, CEO Charles Phillips and the Infor management team unveiled the launch of Infor 10 in New York City on September 13, 2011, to customers, industry analysts, media, and investment analysts.  The new Infor has kept busy with key management team hires, the $1.84 B acquisition of Lawson, the launch of Infor10 CloudSuite, and partnerships in CRM with via Inforce.

Infor currently serves more than 75,000 customers in 164 countries. With combined revenues greater han $2.5B, Infor/Lawson is the third largest enterprise apps company. The Infor and Lawson combination brings deep industry presence in key industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemical, distribution, equipment service maintenance repair (ESMR), fashion, food and beverage, general manufacturing, healthcare, high-tech, hospitality, high tech, industrial equipment and machinery, industrial manufacturing, and public sector.

Key announcements from the September 13th launch event include:

  • Reintroducing ION as the ‘the heart of Infor10. Infor’s lightweight middleware solution provides an integration tool for Infor and non-Infor applications. The intent is to provide devices such as desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices to gain access to information in existing applications. Key components behind the technology infrastructure include a common user interface, workspace, reporting and analytics, workflow, event management, master data management, localizations, mobility enablement, and packaged integration.

    Point of View (POV):
    Unlike Oracle and SAP who have spent billions addressing the integration problem through a comprehensive and heavy middleware strategy, ION take a more pragmatic approach. Through loose coupling, Ion gives the Infor family of products increased agility that matches use cases for a mobile, social, and analytical world. While ION aims to provide better integration, streamlined workflows and end to end business process integration, Constellation believes it will take at least 6 to 9 months before the first set of end to end processes span across the major product lines (e.g. Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN) and Infor 10 Lawson M3).  The good news – Integration between Infor10 Lawson S3 and Infor EAM is planned for November, just 100 days after acquisition.

    On the management team side, customers and prospects will be reassured that both Infor’s second employee, Soma Somasundaram, senior vice president of Global Product Development and Dean Hager (i.e. originally from Lawson) remain key driving forces for carrying out this completed vision.

Figure 1. ION Plays A Key Role In Infor’s Long Term Strategy

Source: Infor

  • Delivering a consumer grade experience. Duncan Algove, President of Products and Support introduced Infor10 Workspace. With an intention of bringing consumer world experiences to the enterprise, Infor10 WorkSpace provides a fresh start to helping users “work the way they live”. Key elements of the ION experience include role-based screens, role-based workflows, in-context business intelligence, event management, activity streams, tasks and alerts, and consumer-like search capabilities).

    Existing customers and new prospects expect next generation applications to meet the Six S’s of Enterprise Class Consumerization of IT. Infor’s key design principles of flipping the structure of work to be data and event driven, contextual data at the point of decision, social computing metaphors, and design for mobile play a key role in making this a reality for Infor customers. This provides a compelling reason for customers to put their maintenance fees to use in an upgrade or purchase of Infor10 components.

Figure 2. Scenes From The New Infor User Experience


Press Release: Jeff Ashcroft Brings Next Gen Supply Chain To Constellation Research

Toronto, Ontario – January 10, 2011
11:00 AM (GMT -5:00) Eastern Standard Time

Constellation Research Inc, a next generation research analyst firm helping clients navigate emerging and disruptive technologies, announced today the addition of Jeff Ashcroft, a seasoned veteran and innovator in the supply chain and logistics world.

Jeff brings two decades of practical logistics and supply chain experience starting from the warehouse floor up to the boardrooms of major retail and third party logistics companies.   Hands on practitioner and executive experience include work at The Hudson’s Bay Company, Walmart Canada on behalf of The Tibbet & Britten Group, Crosslink Distribution Inc., and Strategic Logistics Partners.  Ashcroft also led the PwC Canadian Logistics/Supply Chain & Retail Advisory Practice in 2005 to 2006 before returning to the role of Principal Facilitator for the Supply Chain Network Project.


Personal Log: Welcoming Alan Webber and Lora Cecere to Altimeter Group!

Altimeter Group Adds Supply Chain and Public Sector Coverage

Our enterprise strategy clients continue to seek advice on how to apply disruptive technologies to change their business models, innovate around their processes, or adjust their organizational structure.  We’re seeing demand for a point of view that may start with customer strategy and end with supply chain management or begin with government innovation and move quickly to social CRM.  This approach requires deep industry experience and a holistic approach that encompasses topics, industries, market sizes, and or roles.  As we grow, we will continue to add individuals with a passion for collaboration and innovation. In fact, we’ve already added Valerie Cachola as our operations manager, who will keep the planes in the air.  And as part of our growth plan for Altimeter Group and the Enterprise Strategy practice, please welcome the latest Altimeter Group partners Alan Webber and Lora Cecere!

Alan Webber, Government Innovation

Headshot Alan Webber

With a strong focus on making organizations more efficient and more effective, Alan helps government agencies manage the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies and improve interactions between government and citizens and businesses. Returning to his roots, Alan will also be helping organizations understand the impact and role of clean technologies and sustainability in business.

Alan has more than 16 years of business and government management and technology experience working with commercial and government clients around the globe. Prior to striking out on his own and joining Altimeter Group, Alan was a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research where he covered government and the B2B user experience.  Prior, he led various strategic planning, performance management, eGovernment, and Web initiative efforts for the US government at the Department of the Interior and the National Science Foundation.

When it comes to cross collaboration, Alan will mesh well with the other Altimeter team members. Together with Jeremiah Owyang, Alan will be helping government agencies and leaders use social media to better engage with citizens and businesses. Alan and Ray Wang advising clients on the implementation of ERP and CRM systems in the public sector.

Connect with Alan on twitter at @AlanWebber, or read his blog.

Lora Cecere, Supply Chain Management

Headshot Lora Cecere

With deep experience in using enterprise applications to drive supply chain excellence, Lora provides early adopters with a first mover advantage. For software vendors, Lora provides strategic guidance in go to market strategies; reviews and designs software licensing, pricing, support, and maintenance policies; delivers competitive assessments; evaluates software partner ecosystems; and actively researches the evolution of business processes like supply chain compliance, deduction management, order-to-cash effectiveness, supply chain metrics, and emerging supply chain processes.

Her analyst experiences include Vice President roles at Gartner Group and most recently at AMR Research.  Before serving as an industry analyst, Lora was a line-of-business user/buyer and a builder of enterprise solutions.  She’s launching a new blog, Supply Chain Shaman , and is on
Twitter at @lcecere.

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