Oracle Adds A Trusted CTMS/EDC Solution To Its Health Sciences Portfolio

On April 16th, Oracle announced its intent to acquire Phase Forward, a Cambridge, Massachusetts based Clinical Trials Management Software (CTMS) vendor and early electronic data capture (EDC) pioneer.  Phase Forward adds 335 life science, medical device, research agency, and contract research organization (CRO) customers to Oracle’s portfolio.  The PhaseForward acquisition makes sense for Oracle because:

  • Oracle Health Sciences lacks a strong CTMS component. CTMS solutions streamline clinical development operations to manage multiple trials.  As the information and management hub, a CTMS often orchestrates information and processes from EDC, clinical data management system (CDMS), adverse event reporting systems (AERS), interactive voice response systems (IVRS), and other reporting and statistical solutions (see Figure 1).  Oracle’s existing solutions focus more on components such as drug discovery, EDC, adverse event reporting system (AERS), and some statistical analysis.  Phase Forward brings together a series of clinical data solutions, randomization and trial supply management, Phase 1 clinic automation, safety solutions, clinical development center, late phase and ePRO solutions, and CDISC standards.
  • Customers seek an integrated offering. Life science companies face competing pressures to bring solutions to market and to address patent expiration.  With the skyrocketing costs of bringing new products to market, existing Oracle customers and prospects seek the “holy grail” of one integrated offering to reduce costs, manage risk, and provide insight into future innovations. Unfortunately, today’s customers must turn to different solutions for drug discovery, pre-clinical testing, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, FDA Review/approval, post market testing, and safety monitoring and reporting. More…