Looking forward to hearing your comments, ideas, and thoughts.  Many ways to reach me:

Now a few things I won’t respond to:

  • Feedback to posts and reports.  Please use the comments section and I’ll reply there.
  • Invites to Facebook. I abhor the service so you won’t see me on Facebook, though I do hear there’s a spoof account of me out there.
  • LinkedIn requests.  If I haven’t met you, I won’t respond with an accept so please don’t take offense.
  • Requests for product endorsements.  We usually just do that on our own when a product is that good.
  • Solicitations for products and services.  I’m busy enough. If I really need something, I’ll reach out to you.  Should you want tips on how to get good at this, try the 3rd Annual Nigerian Email Conference site.

And of course, you can reach me here and I will personally get back to you as soon as possible. – R
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