Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is this site different than the Constellation Research site?

A.  My personal blog covers my point of view or MyPOV.  The Constellation Research site represents the firm. I represent my own views here.
Q. How often do you update your blog?
A.  The goal is once a week at a minimum.  However, client commitments and travel may impact when I post.
Q. How popular is your blog?

A.  Using Urchin stats, this blog receives anywhere from 10M to 12M page views a year.
Q. How do I get you to blog about me or my company?

A.  If it’s interesting enough and I’ve got time, I’ll take a look. No guarantees.
Q. Do you take paid advertisements?

A.  No.  This is the last bastion of editorial integrity in media.  Unlike some other bloggers, pundits, or influencers, I don’t write pay to play white papers, the blogs aren’t for sale, and I don’t take any endorsements or money for advertising on this blog.  This blog is personally funded and a labor of love.
Q. How do you I book you for a speaking engagement?

A.  Ping me on twitter, or fill out the contact form.  Happy to consider the engagement.  Let me know what date, what topic, and the location.  I’ll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.  If there’s a fit, happy to do so.   Keep in mind speaking fees are in the range of standard fees for authors, well-known influencers, and keynote speakers.  If you are a not for profit organization, please let me know as well.   There may be some other considerations made.
Q. Where are you based?

A.  I live in the Silicon Valley but am on the road about half the year speaking at conferences, leading advisory sessions for clients, or visiting new technology vendors.
Q. There’s a rumor that you never sleep. Is that true?

A.  You will often find me up at crazy hours but we are a 24/7 operation around the world and we cater to our customer’s time zones. Trust me, put me on a plane or train, and I’m the first one asleep.
Q. How are you related to Altimeter Group?

A.  I am still an investor in Altimeter Group.  While not active in the group, I  wish them the best in their endeavors.
Q. Did you work at Forrester Research?

A.  Yes. I left in 2009 with a few other colleagues to go to Altimeter Group. You can find many of my research notes still in Forrester’s research library archives.
Q. Do you work with other industry analysts?

A.  Happy to.  However, I will not work with other analysts who engage in unethical behavior or are known to be pay to play analysts.
Q. Do you own stock in any companies you cover?
A. No. While not required to be disclosed by law, I do not own any individual stock in companies I cover outside of any mutual fund holdings.