In an effort to address common questions about how to engage with this blog, here are a few covered areas:

  • Briefing Guidelines
  • Citations and Press Quotes For Sellers (Vendors) and Buyers (End Users)
  • Commissioned Research And Webinar Guidelines
  • Factual Reviews
  • FTC Disclosures
  • Inquiries From Buyers (End Users)
  • Press Interviews And Media Coverage
  • Reprints
  • Research Collaboration And Participation

Briefing Guidelines
Open briefings can be coordinated on most Friday mornings from 6 am to 7:30 am and 9:30 to 11 am pacific time.  Contact my executive assistant  Elaine (at) ConstellationR (dot) com to schedule a 30 minute session.   No need to be a client.  Clients do have preference on dates and times.  All others, first come first serve.  Just follow these guidelines:

  1. Think about what you want to cover:  product update, organizational update, competitive landscape, wins/losses, case studies, partnerships, news, trends, etc.
  2. Submit your presentation the day before in powerpoint.  I take notes in these things so please don’t send a pdf
  3. Think about whether or not a demo make sense
  4. Include a web/phone conferencing link and dial in number.  Please don’t use Live Meeting, our Macs don’t play well for some reason. =)
  5. Be prepared for tough questions

Citations and Press Quotes For Sellers (Vendors) and Buyers (End Users)

Anything and everything on this blog is quotable and citable.  A few quick guidelines;

  1. Written permission required for all citations/quotations.  Please allow ample time for approvals.
  2. Citations must come from printed or spoken sources. Each citation of published content must clearly define the source (e.g. published report, blog, speech given at a particular event, video clipping, phone conversation) and include the date. Each citation must also include the author of the citation and also include a link to the source if available online.
  3. Verbal quotes may not mention specific companies, products, or services in such instances in order to avoid appearing to endorse a specific solution.
  4. Sellers (Vendors) and Buyers (Users) must receive direct permission
  5. If the content is from this blog, cite it as “Source: R “Ray’ Wang, A Software Insider’s Point of View or (POV)” or “R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research, Inc.”

Commissioned Research And Webinar Guidelines
From time to time, thought leadership papers and webinars may be produced with vendor sponsorship.  Should this occur, readers can expect the following guidelines to be adhered:

  • Full editorial control. Insider Associates, LLC  publishes thought leadership reports and participates in webinars only when it retains full editorial control for the final output.
  • Fact based positions. Insider Associates, LLC  will not endorse or denigrate any specific vendor solutions by name without research proof points.  The object of these papers should primarily be focused on evangelizing broader concepts.  However, fact based research data points points may be used to highlight shifts in a vendor’s position.  For example, if an evaluation tool shows a ranking of a vendor and position, those facts may be utilized.
  • Ownership and usage rights. Insider Associates, LLC retains ownership rights. Commissioned vendor gains exclusive usage rights for a defined period of time.
  • Citations policies. Quotations and usage in press and media by commissioned vendors require the written approval of Insider Associates, LLC.

Factual Reviews
Different polices will apply to written analysis based on the medium.  However Insider Associates retains final editorial control.  For example:

  • Blog posts. Blog posts are not subject to upfront factual review. Errors and omissions can be pointed out and corrected. Differences of opinion will be heard but any decisions are up to the analyst
  • Research reports. Research reports will include a 48 hour factual review period sent out to all impacted parties. Errors and omissions can be pointed out and corrected. Differences of opinion will be heard but any decisions are up to the analyst.

FTC Disclosures
Please view the Constellation Research policy.  In general:

  • Constellation Research client list. See the full list when published
  • Hardware and device evaluation units. RIM Blackberry Torch.
  • Insider Associates, LLC client list.  At this time there are no clients that are not Constellation Research, Inc. Clients.
  • Software. None at this point.  All commercial software is paid for.
  • Vendor conferences. Most vendors (sellers) pay for travel to and from the event.

Inquiries from Buyers (End User Clients)
If it’s short, use the comments feature in the blog.  Most comments are answered.
Press Interviews And Media Coverage
R “Ray” Wang can be made available for radio, TV, and print interviews.  Send an email directly to Ray: R (at) ConstellationR (dot) com or call his mobile at +1.650.918.6619). Contact Executive Assistant Elaine (at) ConstellationR (dot) com as a backup in the event he’s in transit.  Here’s a list of current media mentions and sightings. Media and bloggers can just refer back to the link and cite accordingly.
Use the print function on the blog.  However, clients can seek reprints.  Pricing follows standard policies.  Contact r AT softwareinsider DOT org for more details.
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