Tuesday's Tip: How To Compare Total Ownership Costs

Apps Strategy Options Abound And Organizations Need Accurate Comparison Methodologies Recent inquiries from blog readers and client engagements highlight a growing need to compare the cost of apps strategies.  Common comparison scenarios often include: SaaS versus on-premise Upgrade versus customization Single instance versus two-tier Vendor maintenance versus third party options Custom apps versus packaged apps […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on May 11, 2010

Monday's Musings: The Hidden Value In SaaS Deployments

Gains In SaaS Adoption Driven By Speed And Cost Savings… Preliminary data from Q4 earnings data show continued traction among SaaS solutions.  Expect SaaS deployments to gain steam in 2010 as organizations finalize their SaaS apps strategies to take advantage of 7 key benefits: Richer user experience – SaaS apps bring Web 2.0 usability to […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on January 25, 2010

Implementation Basics: Remember Lessons Learned from Y2K and Go Back to OP = Q+R+S+T

Yep, it’s true, sometimes we all need a flashback refresher. These past few weeks I’ve been with clients who are looking to either quickly implement a new ERP system or rapidly complete an upgrade. As many of you know, that’s not that easy. But what’s been so unsettling is how little we have learned from […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on March 26, 2008