Monday's Musings: The Three Pillars of Software Maintenance And Support Policies

After more than 350 conservations with customers about the maintenance and support issue in the past 4 months, it’s becoming quite clear what users expect from their software vendors.  While those issues can be broken into tens of categories, three themes have emerged that include: Choice. Customers want to choose between tiered plans.  The best […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on November 17, 2008

Monday's Musings: The Role of User Groups – Check and Balance

Conversations and polling at recent user group meetings confirm a common sentiment that user groups should play a role as client advocates with the vendors.  Information dissemination, benchmarking, product issues, training, and maintenance fee reductions rise to the top of the list in this 235 person on-going survey.  While not explicit in all charters, here’s […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on November 10, 2008

Monday's Musings: Consider Consortium Buying as a Win-Win Strategy

Falling revenues, crumbling custom systems, and declining budgets often bring municipalities, state authorities, and related agencies together to gain efficiencies in vendor selection, purchasing power, implementation, maintenance, and support costs.  End users in the private sector seeking long term efficiencies may want to take a page from the public sector and consider shared services consortium […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on October 27, 2008

Monday's Musings: Expect More Acquisitions By the Big 4 in 2009

Continued economic slow down, credit crisis, and diminished IPO market create the perfect storm for the Big 4 or as fellow blogger Josh Greenbaum likes to call it, MISO (ie. Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and Oracle).  Here are four trends at work that shape the thinking on why 2009 will be another year of continued consolidation: […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on October 20, 2008

Monday's Musings: Adoption of SaaS Models May Accelerate with Economic Downturn

All signs lead to an impending slow down in economic spending.  Whether this will adversely impact IT budgets is not the issue, but how much will the carnage be is the concern being debated.  Regardless, overall funding for new investments appears to be bleak which is why innovative business leaders seeking to fund innovation without […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on October 6, 2008

Monday's Musings: Will Tech Vendors Without Credit Lines Survive The Financial Crisis?

Let’s hope the government finds the most equitable and expeditious solution to the current financial crisis.  Without access to credit lines, enterprises lack the financial means to respond to the current economic downturn by transitioning their legacy systems and transforming their business processes.  Tech vendors who lack vendor led financing options will be the most […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on September 29, 2008

Food for Thought: In a World Of Partner Solutions Does the ISV or SI Partner Designation Matter?

Old World Definition Of Software Partners Still Prevalent From a vendor’s point of view, partners can play a critical role in expediting time to market, improving sales reach, or delivering a complimentary solution to a customer. There traditionally have been 5 defined categories: ISV – Independent Software Vendors specialize in delivery software. They typically partner […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on August 7, 2008

Food For Thought: Can You Have It All – Faster, Better, Cheaper?

Return of the FBC Mantra With pending economic uncertainty in sight, almost every conversation in the past 2 months has referred back to the mantra of Faster, Better, and Cheaper (FBC). Maybe it’s part of living here in the heart of high tech companies where product life cycles are as a short as the next […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on July 31, 2008

Reality Check: Sales reps matter more than product

I haven’t posted for so long, butI felt like I had to give Mr. Analyst of the Year a break and actually write something. Over the last year I have become increasingly aware of something and wanted to share it with a larger audience. When I have conversations with companies about a pending software purchase […]

Posted by John Ragsdale on July 14, 2008

Order Management Hubs: 20 Steps to a Perfect Order

A Perfect Order still means many things to many people Recent studies show that enterprises who deliver perfect orders have a direct correlation to positive customer satisfaction scores. Despite the stakes, success in consistently delivering a perfect order continues to elude many enterprises because existing systems lack the flexibility to move orders across the order […]

Posted by R "Ray" Wang on June 9, 2008